150th Speaker Series

Check our 150th Speaker Series recordings below, the lectures were coordinated in conjunction with the Sitka Historical Society and Sitka National Historical Park. Videos are courtesy of Owen Kindig of OK Storyteller.

150 Speaker Series #1: The Icons of St. Michael’s Cathedral – Ana Ditmar

150 Speaker Series #2: Neva Survivor’s Camp – David McMahan & Bob Sam

150 Speaker Series #3: The Six Saints of Sitka – Fr. Michael Oleksa

150 Speaker Series #4: The Necessity of Truth in Reconciliation – Tamie Parker Song

150 Speaker Series #5: Sesquicentennial 101 – Steven Haycox

150 Speaker Series #6: The Four Emancipators – Mike Dunham

150 Speaker Series #7: Emauel Leutze’s 1867 Painting – Terrence Cole

150 Speaker Series: History of the Coast Guard in Alaska – Chip Lewin